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There is disharmony with relationships around you this fortnight. Try to find a common ground. Listen to their side of things, and work towards rebuilding the previous respect you both had-as they are worth the effort.


Your quick wit and humour is sure to create good relationships this week as you start to really produce quality in both work and recognition within your career aspect this fortnight.


Being creative brings you a lot of pleasure and release as well. You just have to back your creativity with self esteem and you will find you are able to really move forward with projects and not just feel like you live in the hum drum


Conflicts and disagreement are simply part of life-how you manage them demonstrates your growth as a person and a soul. Don’t back down when confronted with someone’s indifference when you know you are in the right.


Partnership is all about making compromises and backing each other in decisions. It is time to use your personality to create strength and harmony in your home-even when you feel like the world doesn’t understand you.


This fortnight is about spending time with others. It is about celebrating those in your life that you love and appreciate-because you have been so busy all year you can sometimes imply forget to stop and do this.


Generally speaking you tend to just go about your own business in your own time. This fortnight when you must get a team organised-do it gently and quickly so you can what you need sorted and achieved quickly.


A disagreement with your partner is a lesson in looking at what your contribution is and not what theirs was! Be open, chose to not run into your shell and then just go and makeup and resolve to be understand in the future.


You are normal practical by nature-however you also have a silent romantic within. This fortnight you will feel sentimental as you simply enjoy the glorious space of life. Stop, smell the roses and enjoy the emotional link to life.


Whilst you are feeling like you must cooperate with people to get work and a project done-just allow this to happen and don’t chose to fight over picky issues that are more related to your worrying about not getting your true recognition as recognition will come.


You will find the next fortnight slightly isolating as the stars realign for you. Instead of choosing to act the hermit simply make yourself get out and mix so you don’t get bogged down in the emotion.


You generally find it hard to say no to people as you try to be everything to everyone. However, it is time to recharge the batteries and only commit to what you can comfortably do this fortnight.