Some of us spend more than seven hours doing it every day, and it could be hurting your health and happiness, writes Katie Clift from the Queensland Cancer Council.

It’s not smoking, binge drinking or over-indulging in ice-cream (although each of these habits is guaranteed to harm your health). It’s not a guilty pleasure or a choice we think about. It’s lifestyle related, but, for many of us, hard to avoid.

It may shock you to hear that one in three Queensland adults spend seven or more hours every day being sedentary. Yes, that’s right. Statistics show that about 39 per cent of us are sitting or lying down to read, eat, drink, work, post, tweet, insta or watch television for at least seven hours each day during the working week.

And why is so much sitting so bad, you might ask?

If you’re still sitting down as you read this, the facts might make you stand up…

No matter how much physical activity you engage in, you’re going to be healthier and happier if you seize more opportunities to sit less and move more every day.

A change to National Physical Activity Guidelines earlier this year saw the introduction of guidelines against sedentary behaviour, reinforcing the need for people to break up long periods of sitting to improve their health.

According to the experts, all of us can benefit from minimising time spent sitting each day, and from breaking up periods of time spent being sedentary as often as possible.

Small changes like walking around when taking a call on your mobile phone, standing up for a stretch during an episode of The Bachelor (admit it, you’re watching), standing on public transport, holding walking meetings or setting alarms to remind you to move more often are all effective in helping us combat our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and expanding waistlines.

Just how sedentary you really are might surprise you, too. We sit when driving a car, reading a book, working at our desk all day, watching television or playing with our new smart devices.

The good news is, standing up for your health and happiness is relatively easy to do. It just requires a little thought and a bit of action.

Trust me, if you spend less time sitting each day, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the benefits. Your posture will improve, your circulation will get moving, your muscles will be more supple, and you’ll boost your metabolism. It might even prompt you to sign-up for that boot camp class you’ve been avoiding.

Whether you’re a gym junkie or married to the couch – sitting too often for too long can only do harm. So no matter how much time you spend lifting, crunching, sprinting, pedalling or punching the remote, get into the habit of standing up more.

Check out the range of options today for standing desks, fitbits, and pedometers, or just book a meeting in your outlook calendar to stand up.

Stand up for your health and stand out from the crowd!