It’s time to get your move on! Lorna Jane has become synonymous with an active healthy lifestyle and wants to take it to the nation. Join the fight for a fit future by being part of Active Nation Day on September 28.

All you need to do is attend an event near you to contribute your movement (literally) towards a healthier, more active nation. You just need to ask yourself: ‘Am I ready to fight for a fit future?’

If you answered with a loud and proud ‘yes’, then get yourself down to the Gasworks in Newstead at 8.00am on Sunday September 28 to take part in one of the specially-choreographed fitness routines, and then enjoy the Move Nourish Believe Markets afterwards from 9am-12pm for some post-workout rewards.

The workout runs for a mere 45 minutes, but make sure you wear your best active wear, pack a towel and a water bottle and get ready to sweat. The class will be a fusion of aerobics, body strength and yoga elements guided by some of the best fitness instructors around.

If for some reason, you can’t come along to the registered meet-up at Gasworks, you can still make a conscious effort to get outdoors and get your move on. We’re talking something as simple as a walk around your neighbourhood, a bike ride, a run on the treadmill, or simply a fun-filled day with your friends and family.

Remember, the only goal of Active Nation Day is to make your movement count.

Head to Gasworks on Skyring Terrace in Newstead for your Active Nation Day workout from 8-9am and then wander through the MNB markets. For all the details, head to our event guide listing.