Getting through the day can be hard but Queensland Health has provided us with these tips for coping with the stress and turmoil of everyday life.

We can all get a bit down, stressed or anxious from time to time. Financial concerns, work, relationship problems and other unexpected life events can take their toll. But if you start experiencing these feelings for more than a couple of weeks, or you find these negative emotions are interfering with your life, you should seek help.

Here are some tips for coping with the daily grind.

Talk about it

We can probably all recall a time in our lives when we have needed to talk. While opening up and talking about our emotions and feelings can be difficult, talking about it is one of the best things we can do to stay mentally healthy. Talking to someone allows us to share our feelings and experiences and can help us to think more positively about the situation. In times of stress, having someone who knows us well who we can talk to and trust can provide us with reassurance and encouragement to work through our problems.

Stay active


Include fruit in your diet to reduce stress

Exercise is a great way to stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit. If you participate in regular moderate physical activity, you can expect to enjoy numerous health and social benefits, including improved concentration and learning, increased personal confidence and self-awareness. reduced feelings of depression and anxiety and enhanced self-esteem.

Eat a healthy diet

If the stress of life is getting to you, you may be tempted to indulge in a few treats to get through the day but that’s not going to fix the problem.Instead, limit alcohol intake and avoid drugs as these will only make things worse. You should also limit intake of foods containing saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and alcohol. Replace high fat foods which contain predominately saturated fats such as butter, cream, cooking margarine, coconut and palm oil with foods which contain predominately polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats such as oils, spreads, nut butters/pastes and avocado.