It’s International Kissing Day! Here are some tips for how to make it a good one.

July 6 is International Kissing Day, and in celebration of this day that’s all about locking lips, Elite Singles has joined forces with kissing, relationship and body language expert Katia Loisel to bring us the top five things to avoid doing on this special day.

The sloppy kiss

It’s generally men that go for this one because a big, wet open-mouthed kiss releases testosterone. This can get us ladies in the mood, but too much too soon can be a major turn-off.

The dead fish

Kissing is a game best played with two, so don’t just stand there. Show some enthusiasm and let them know that you’re into the kiss as well.

Tongue in throat

You might not be able take your hands off of them, but don’t turn kissing into a competition to see how long they can hold their breath.

The darting tongue

Darting your tongue in and out of their mouth like a frog trying to catch it’s dinner isn’t likely to get you a second date. Studies show that men rate tongue kissing skills higher than women, so first impressions count.

The hard kiss

Avoid plunging into the hard kiss + butt grab/ hair pull unless you’ve tested the waters first… not everyone finds the lunge attractive.

“When it comes to getting a second date or pursuing a long term relationship, bad kissing can be a deal breaker,” Loisel says.


“66 per cent of women and 59 per cent of men surveyed in a psychology study by Gordon Gallup admitted to breaking up with someone because they were a bad kisser.”

So if your first date just happens to fall on International Kissing Day, or you’re just trying to spice things up, take note of these no-nos, because how we feel during that intimate moment helps us make a subconscious decision as to whether or not our kissing partner is a perfect match.

Are you a good kisser? Have you ever been with a bad one? Let us know in the comments below!