Don’t just take part in Dry July for charity — do it for vanity.

This month is ‘Dry July’ — not just another #trend to fill your friend’s news feeds up, but a concept created to actually raise funds for charity.

The challenge is to go totally booze-free for the whole month (people donate money to you because they couldn’t go that long without alcohol themselves), and the funds raised go towards supporting adults living with cancer.

But aside from making you look like a great and charitable person, not drinking for 31 days can do remarkable things for your health – inside and out.

It’s not just binge drinking that affects your body negatively. A study was done in the UK on a 40-something mother-of-two who drank around five glasses of wine a week and the difference in her complexion after she stopped drinking was astounding. See the difference here — the original photo shows redness and puffiness, but by the end she looks like she probably did before she had the kids.

With many of us thinking nothing of enjoying an adult-friendly beverage at the end of a long day, if for nothing else but vanity, cutting down on alcohol for Dry July seems like a pretty smart decision.

Dry July obviously takes place in winter, when your skin is already dry, so drinking alcohol is making you even more dehydrated — which equals winkles, which makes you look older, which, if you’re so inclined, means you’ll have to invest in the ‘tox even sooner than you thought.

And the dehydration doesn’t just stop at your skin. It also extends down those luscious locks, making your hair more likely to have split ends and spending more money on hair products a necessity.

That extra martini is also robbing your body of Vitamin A, which is essential for cell renewal and turnover, leaving you with that super attractive grey look to your skin. Being depleted of other vitamins can also leave you feeling bloated; it’s not just beer that gives you a belly.

For people who binge drink often, the alcohol can bring on other skin issues like rosacea, as it increases your blood flow causing blood vessels in your face to dilate. Translation: You’re going to need more than your Kim K sunnies to hide your Sunday morning face.

Of course we’re not totally self-absorbed, and can understand why not everyone will care about the superficial effects of consuming too much alcohol. The Dry July website has made a much less egocentric list of why you should take part in this event:

  • Increased energy levels, higher productivity
  • Clearer head
  • No more hangovers
  • Sleeping better / snoring less
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Healthier bank balance / Save money
  • Sense of achievement
  • Fresh approach to alcohol consumption
  • Generally feel healthier
  • Doing something positive for a good cause

Although July has already begun, it’s not too late to sign up. Just head to the Dry July website and set up your profile and encourage your almost-alcoholic friends to donate the price of a fancy cocktail (at least) to this good cause.