The mornings are crisper and your bed is even more alluring than normal… Here are some tips on how to keep your bikini body during the colder months.

It is cold in the morning.

Those great early morning people, who generally awake from their slumber an hour before they really should to get in some of their thirty-minutes-a-day physical activity, are probably re-thinking that choice coming into July.

There’s only so much a cute sweater can do to motivate you work-out as the temperatures drop, so expert Personal Trainer from 24/7 gym Jetts Fitness, Jarrad Sullivan­ has given us some pointers on how to keep your  winter workouts right on track.

“As the cold arrives ­not only do we exercise less, but we tend to eat heavier and denser foods more frequently,” he said.

“We might also like to enjoy a nice glass of red with our meals. It’s very easy to form these habits, and before you know it be consuming far more calories than you do during the warmer months.”

It’s not just your waistline that gets affected by that 5am cycle class you missed and that delicious winter comfort food you keep chowing down on for dinner. Ditching your gym classes can also lead to things like:

· Depression
· Increased fatigue
· Increased stress
· Decrease in energy levels
· Lower immune system

Which is way you’re probably reaching for that vitamin C and berroca a lot more as well…

If your workout regime is in need of a bit of winter inspiration, Jarrad recommends incorporating one or more of the following exercises. Click through the gallery to see them all!