Liquid nicotine is being illegally sold in Queensland and health officials warn it could contain toxic chemicals.

Queensland Health is warning of the dangers of liquid nicotine used in electronic nicotine delivery systems, including the popular yet illegal electronic cigarettes.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said products containing liquid nicotine were being illegally sold and used in Queensland, and were not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

“Under Queensland legislation, liquid nicotine is classed as a regulated poison and restrictions are therefore imposed on it, including its possession, use and sale,” Dr Young said. “Legislation also forbids people from supplying items that resemble tobacco products, as part of a business activity. This also applies to purchasing over the internet.

“People are advised not to use electronic cigarettes or other electronic nicotine delivery systems containing liquid nicotine as they have not been tested for their safety or quality.

“They could deliver unreliable doses of liquid nicotine, leak, or contain unknown toxic chemicals as they are often labelled inaccurately and may not be packaged safely.”

For advice on nicotine poisoning, contact the Queensland Poisons Information Centre on 131126.

For advice and support to quit smoking, phone the Quitline on 13 QUIT (13 7848).