Bad hair days are one thing, but add a bad face day to the mix and you need recovery help, writes Lisa Haynes.

If you have had your share of corporate functions, weddings, engagements or birthday parties of late, then you will know that you don’t have to be especially badly behaved for the party to take its toll on your skin.

The odd late night here, one too many cocktails there, and your complexion can end up looking as though it has been through the ringer. Thankfully, beauty saviours are available to provide some emergency relief the morning-after-the-night-before with tips for both men and women.

Follow these tricks to camouflage the evidence…

The night before…
“When you crawl into bed, prop yourself up with an extra pillow to avoid puffy eyes in the morning – sleeping slightly elevated helps to drain excess fluid out of the face,” says Jill Zander, founder of the Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

Or invest in a de-puffing eye cream for a morning miracle. “Look for one that deals with dark under-eye circles,” Zander advises. “For bloodshot eyes, prepare two camomile teabags wet and refrigerated, or have a trusty chilled teaspoon on standby.”

For those not familiar with the refrigerated teabag or spoon methods, lie back and pop the bags onto closed eyelids, or hold the rounded side of the spoon gently over the area, and let them work their magic.

Morning-after glow 
When the party season peak gets too much, Jill Zander has these reviving cheats for the morning after:
• Take a cold-hot-cold shower. Keep an exfoliating mitt/sponge handy to get the circulation going and exfoliate away dullness.
• Massage your face using your fingertips. Apply moisturiser in firm circular motions to stimulate blood flow and give skin a glow.
• Apply a radiance booster over your regular moisturiser to work wonders on hung-over skin and make you look fresher.
• Avoid piling on make-up and don’t apply eyeliner or mascara to lower eyelashes as this will draw attention downward instead of up.
• Your post-party best friend will be a good under-eye concealer.

Redness relief
“Alcohol makes skin look flushed and regular consumption can enlarge small veins, causing thread veins,” says Tamra Compton from Pur Minerals.

“A colour correcting primer can brighten the skin’s appearance, while offsetting the look of redness from breakouts, sensitivity or irritation.”

Smokers and party hoppers beware – the change in temperature going from inside to outside during the night can cause skin vessels to contract causing red flare-ups.

Complexion cure
The less sleep we get, the less time our skin cells have to repair and regenerate. The more alcohol you drink, the more likely your skin will be zapped of hydration. The result? Dull, dry and lacklustre skin.

“Gentle exfoliation can really perk up a post-party complexion, leaving it looking plump and fresh,” says Caroline Frazer, Simple skincare expert.

“Next, slather on moisturiser while skin is still damp, as this helps lock in much-needed moisture.” Use a water misting spray to pep up dehydrated skin during the day.