Model and TV personality Rachael Finch has ‘lost’ her beauty to this nasty habit.

Rachael Finch before her unhealthy 'make-under'

Rachael Finch before her unhealthy ‘make-under’

There’s nothing pretty about smoking.

It’s also expensive, socially ostracising and causes life-threatening damage, yet people across Australia continue to light up. One of the groups most commonly reaching for the cancer sticks are young women and to combat this, Queensland Health have launched a Quit Smoking campaign targeted at young females, 18 to 24 years old, and they’re planning to hit them where they think it will hurt the most: Their looks.

Model and TV personality Rachel Finch joined Queensland Minister for Health Lawrence Springborg in Queen Street Mall today to launch the Queensland Government’s ‘Your Future is Not Pretty’ campaign. The launch included a series of pop-up make-up booths where young women were invited to undergo a special effects ‘make-under’ to reveal what their appearance would be in 20 years’ time, with the effects of smoking.

Finch was the first women to undergo the drastic make-under this morning and said she was shocked with the way the special effects ravaged her face and the effect cigarettes can have on appearance.

“Seeing what my face could look like in 10 or 20 years was quite confronting. Now that I’ve become so deeply immersed in this cause I can see first hand the affects of smoking,” says the 25-year-old. “Of course we are all educated. We hear about how bad it is, our mums tell us not to do it and we learn about it at school but campaigns like this are really important for young women because the message is really re-enforced.

“Women can walk into these make-under locations, see what their face is going to look like and get that emotional connection. That should be enough motivation to deter them from smoking. Seeing my own face made up like that was scary and I was really taken back. My first thought was that I never wanted my husband to see me like this. It gave me more motivation to stay on a healthy path. We all indulge in unhealthy treats from time to time but when you see it on your face it’s an emotional hit.”

The ‘Your Future is Not Pretty’ campaign has highlighted the damaging effects of smoking and Queensland Health is hoping the message will be heard this time. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals and it restricts blood flow through the capillaries, depriving your skin of oxygen and nutrients. Chemicals in tobacco smoke damage the fibers in the skin which leads to wrinkles, sagging of the eye-lids, bags under the eyes and premature aging on the face and other parts of the body, including breast sagging.

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Do you think targeting women’s appearances is the best way to stamp out smoking? What do you think would be the strongest deterrent?