Brisbane is turning up the heat! With the opening of a new Bikram yoga studio in North Lakes, there’s no excuse not to try this body and soul rejuvenation.

The newest health hub in Brisbane just got bigger. The North Lakes Lifestyle Centre has an abundance of neighbouring businesses focussed on fitness and relaxation. With the opening of the Bikram studio, director and co-owner Sherry Davis is thrilled to be located in such a ‘booming suburb’.

“We want to bring something new, exciting and healthy to North Lakes,” Davis says.

“Bikram is our passion and we want to provide a positive life building experience to the community.”

Bikram yoga has an array of health benefits that practitioners believe can improve conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, insomnia, high/low blood pressure, weight issues and more.

It’s designed to help you relaxe and recharge while stimulating your overall health and fitness.

Sherry’s two biggest tips for newcomers are to:

  • Listen

Sherry says it’s important to pay attention to the instructions from the guides. This is important for understanding what you should be doing and experiencing all the benefits of Bikram yoga.

  • Breathe

Sherry also stresses the need to breathe. “A lot of people come in holding their breaths, and it’s when they learn how to breathe in an uncomfortable situation that they can use this new skill in life.”

By stretching, balancing and creating pressure all at the same time, an increased amount of blood flow and release of energy will be achieved.

From a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, each 90 minute class is packed with yoga poses that will have your body zinging.

But the difference between Bikram yoga and normal yoga classes is the 40 degree heat in the room.

If you have mixed feelings about standing in a room full of strangers sweating like ‘a sinner in church’, don’t worry — Sherry says the experience is, in fact, a refreshing one.

“It’s the moment you look into the mirror and finally see yourself for who you are. It’s the truth and it’s positive.”

People of all different ages and types are welcome to join. Age groups vary from seven to 88 years old, and Sherry claims Bikram yoga has helped many people overcome their lack of confidence and depression.

If you’re interested in trying out this new and improved style of yoga, Bikram Yoga North Lakes is offering a $39 one month unlimited deal when you sign up with a friend.