A new tech-savvy phone app has found a way to encourage healthy lifestyle changes aimed at improving your health and fitness age.

Have you recently been made aware of your health and fitness age?

The Queensland government have promoted a service that allows the public to calculate their own health and fitness age, by using their weight, height and age as key factors to determine this.

Vital lifestyle characteristics are taken into account and generated into a scary looking age identifier that might have you feeling a bit worried.

Luckily, there’s the Health and Fitness Age Challenger app that has been developed to help improve your health and well-being.

The app was launched today by Brisbane’s Lions captain Jed Adcock, as a part of his Healthier Happier campaign.

As the ambassador of this campaign, Jed has always been an active leader to encourage the public to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviours for their health.

“The Health & Fitness Age calculator has given people the opportunity to discover what shape they are really in and so far the calculator has been used more than 250,000 times,” Jed said.

“Take the stairs, rather than the lift and get outdoors as much as possible, rather than sit and watch TV. I always try to run around outside with my family.”

By becoming aware of your un-healthy habits the app aims to assist the challenge of overcoming these and overall changing your lifestyle.

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young says Healthier Happier encourages the small changes that make an overall difference to your health.

“We want to encourage everyone, no matter their size or situation, to lead a healthier life and reduce their risk of chronic disease,” Young said.

If you’re interested in the free app and trying out the four week challenge head to: http://healthier.qld.gov.au.