Bored of running on the treadmill? Want to add a spring to your step? Now you can work out and have fun with the new trampolining craze hitting Brisbane!

It seems it’s time for the kids to get off the trampoline and let the adults have some fun, with celebrities like Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks jumping into the new trampolining for fitness trend.

Founder of East Brisbane trampolining studio Bounce Fit Katie Dickens says it’s the ultimate mix of fitness and frivolity.

“Who said fitness has to be monotonous and hard work?” she says. “Bounce Fit is a fun way for people to tap into their inner child and get fit at the same time.”

Dickens says her childhood love of jumping on the trampoline inspired her to turn it into a fitness craze.

“I’ve taken that love of bounce and, combined with my experience as a dancer and personal trainer, created this energetic workout set to some really cool music,” she says. “Instead of pounding the pavement, people can use the mini-tramp for a low impact, high energy, fun workout.”

Dickens says just 45 minutes of Bounce Fit can burn up to 750 calories, but it’s not just good for losing weight. It also improves coordination, increases fitness and muscle tone, balance and core strength. The mini-tramp also absorbs impact shock which reduces the strain on knees and hips.

“My background is in pilates, personal training and dance so I combined these elements to refine and define troublesome areas,” she says, adding that the program is about creating a ‘dancer’s body’ without needing a dancer’s background.

“For busy women, it’s a 30 – 45 minute class, in and out, create a sweat and feel the burn, and every 12 weeks, I change the program,” she says.

Would you try trampoline for fitness – or fun? Let us know!