If you’re looking for a diet where it’s possible to eat whatever you want Kate Harrison may have just what you need…

Tired of following strict, calorie-controlled diets that make you crave all the things you’re not supposed to have – simply because you’re not supposed to have them? Author of The 5:2 Diet Kate Harrison may have the answer you’ve been searching for.

It’s about eating whatever you want – but not whenever you want it. The premise of the 5:2 Diet is to eat as normal five days a week and then for the remaining two days, cut down your intake to about 25 per cent of what your body needs.

“It’s really simple and straightforward,” says Harrison. “It helps your body to heal but also creates a calorie deficit to help you lose weight.

“You are able to eat the things you really like – that doesn’t mean going crazy or eating whatever comes to you, that just won’t work – but you’re able to enjoy a pretty much normal diet because the deficit you create on those two fasting days gives you a bit more leeway.”

The program has proved popular, with thousands of advocates worldwide joining Harrison on her Facebook page to discuss the unexpected benefits of the regime; like how the effects of savouring food on fasting days carries over into days of ‘normal’ eating.

“You become much more choosy because you’re really savouring your food on those days when you’re eating less – you’re absolutely enjoying every single bite – and that transfers into normal life,” she says. “It makes you more aware of what you’re eating the rest of the time…without having to calorie count.

“It’s made me a lot more mindful and now I can think to myself, ‘Am I hungry or do I just fancy that because it looks like the best cake I’ve ever seen?'”

Harrison says that fans of the program have found freedom from cravings and their own fear of being hungry.

“Once you realise that appetite and hunger is a natural response, then you feel much more comfortable with it,” she says. “Our bodies are primed for survival. When we see high-fat, high-sugar foods, we’re primed to want them, because we want to lay down fat for the lean days.

“But the trouble with modern life is that you don’t get the lean days – this is a way of implementing that.”

So if you’re looking to escape guilt-motivated and punishment-enforced diets, check out Harrison’s The 5:2 Diet or her new recipe book, The Ultimate 5:2 Diet Recipe Book.