Work up a sweat to shed some of the extra kilos earnt this Easter with these five metabolism-boosting exercises!

Overindulged on the hot cross buns and chocolate-caramel eggs? Maybe you binged over the Easter long weekend – and are planning to do the same for Anzac Day.┬áLong weekends are a time to celebrate – this usually means eating lots and relaxing with family and friends, but this can lead to diet blowouts and skipping the exercise regime.

Easter, with all its chocolate temptations, can be particularly bad for the clean-eating schedule you’ve been following.

“When it comes to food and exercise – moderation is key,” says Jetts personal trainer Jarrad Sullivan. “Obviously there will be a lot of chocolate around at Easter time, and you don’t have to deny yourself of a treat every now and then if you’re exercising regularly.”

When trying to boost your metabolism it’s important to incorporate quick motions such as jumping or skipping; and don’t be afraid to pick up free weights – they help to build muscle and keep your metabolism ticking over for hours after a workout.

“Know your limits, and have targets and goals in place to keep yourself motivated,” says Sullivan.

Work off those sugary treats and get back on track with Sullivan’s top five metabolism-boosting exercises:

Single arm clean press (30 seconds each side, repeat x 3)

Sullivan says: “It’s a very technical exercise, but if mastered it will give you great rewards.”

Ice Skaters (15 each leg, repeat x 3)

Sullivan says: “A winner because it targets so many key areas: abs, lower back, hips, glutes and outer thighs.”

Jump lunges (15 each leg, 30 in total. Repeat x 3)

Sullivan says: “This one can be challenging, so choose the variation best for you. Either assisted (holding on to a bar or chair), using your body weight, or free weights – depending on your level of fitness.”

Bent over rows (15 repetitions, repeat x 3)

Sullivan says: “Make sure to keep a straight back and squeeze between the shoulder blades, keeping your knees soft. To help you get in the right position stand side-on to a mirror.”

Hopping on one leg (30 seconds each side, repeat x 3)

Sullivan says: “To boost your metabolism and push yourself further with this one you can add in a skipping rope.”

What’s your favourite calorie-burn work out? Share your tips for working off those Easter treats in the comments!