Here is an extreme workout to get you out of your comfort zone, writes Helen Goltz.

Want to feel a rush from your exercise? Well, a new extreme workout has been named after that feeling.

Syco XT is the experience you feel while flying through the air, pushing the boundaries and just going crazy!

The Syco XT was originally developed as a skateboard/surfboard/snowboard training device but has been hailed for providing an extremely effective workout across a wide range of fitness training parameters.

James Oliver, CEO and director of Olitek, who is manufacturing and marketing Syco XT, says the idea came from two Gold Coast based-men, Michael Hill and Alan Colk who were inspired after a fall off a skateboard.

“Olitek worked with them to develop the production model as it stands today,” he says.

It combines a range of board sports in one piece of equipment at next to no running costs that can be setup in the backyard or hung from a ceiling or beam (after you ensure it is strong enough).

“With a range of different exercise plans (moves that can be done on the Syco XT) and targeted muscle groups, there isn’t a muscle that can hide from a session on the Syco XT,” Oliver says. “Jump on, have fun and challenge yourself.”

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