Did you know deep relaxation can increase fertility? Hard science has now revealed the unexpected benefits of meditation…

Here are our top 10 unexpected benefits of meditation:

Increased fertility:

It may be easier said than done during ‘that time of the month’, but The University of Western Australia has found that women are more likely to conceive when they are relaxed, rather than stressed. Turkey’s Trakya University also found that relaxation can increase sperm count and motility.

Increased immunity:

Regular relaxation sessions have appeared to boost immunity in recovering cancer patients. Two studies at Ohio State University discovered that muscular meditation boosts cells that resist tumours and viruses, as well the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Protection of ageing DNA:

The length of telomeres, particular strands of our DNA, determine how gracefully we will age. Meditators tend to have much higher levels of enzymes which build the length and strength of telomeres.

Relieve irritable bowel syndrome:

Researchers at the State University of New York recommend daily meditation sessions for suffers of irritable bowel syndrome, to significantly relieve symptoms of bloating, diarrhoea and constipation.

Enhanced brain connections:

University of Oregon researchers have found that meditation can increase signalled connections and density in the areas of the brain that form our creativity.

Promote emotional balance:

Meditation is an ideal way to cure unhealthy emotional states of anger, irritation and neurosis. This is not so much a personal benefit – but more rewarding to our friends and family!

Reduced blood pressure:

A study at Harvard Medical School discovered that meditation lowers our response to stress hormones, consequently lowering blood pressure.

Reduced inflammation:

Stress is a common factor for inflammation, which is linked to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and skin conditions. By alleviating stress, meditation can prevent and treat these symptoms of inflammation.

Strengthened focus:

Meditation stereotypically makes us calmer, but deep relaxation has been linked to a strengthening of our ability to prioritise, single-task and organise.

Overall mentality:

In a meditative mind, thoughts are more likely to blossom and pass, rather than instigate anxiety and stress. A study at The John Hopkins University in the U.S has proved that mindful meditation can help battles against anxiety, depression and pain.

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