The best part of having a home gym is being able to work out anytime of the day or night, in cold, wet or dry conditions, wearing whatever you like!

So how do you go about creating a good home gym? bmag spoke with some of Brisbane’s exercise gurus to get some tips on creating the perfect exercise space.

Start small 

There are a lot of spaces that can be converted into a home gym – underneath your house, a spare room or a section of your living room.

You can start out with just the basics – dumbbells and weights, and work up to big pieces like cardio equipment. I recommend installing a big mirror – it’s excellent to track your movements and stay motivated.

You also need to think about your lighting; large windows provide natural light which is great motivation to keep you exercising during the day. To keep you exercising at night, install strong overhead lights. They won’t get in your way and there’s nothing worse than trying to exercise in the dark!

Storage is important and you want your home gym to be inviting and clean; I like to keep items like towels neatly folded in coloured baskets.

Sharna O’Connor, personal trainer and owner of Calma Health

Do your research

Exercise equipment can be expensive so before you buy anything or start decorating, you should assess your fitness goals.

Are you looking to lose weight, bulk up, tone or just heighten your general level of fitness? Once you establish this you’ll be in a better position to outfit your home gym.

Raheem Goss, owner of Southside Fitness

Keep it light, bright and fun

The key to a successful home gym is making it a comfortable place.

Many of my clients have installed stereos or TVs in their home gyms. It’s just another way for them to stay motivated and enjoy their exercise. When you’re in your own home you can close all the doors and blast your music while you work out, or you can exercise while watching your favourite TV shows.

Plants are a great way to keep the room friendly, they also have the added benefit of absorbing the carbon dioxide we breathe out while exercising.

Only buy exercise equipment you know you will use, this will keep the area clean and ensure nothing becomes a dust collector or clothes rack.

Once you’ve got your basic equipment in place feel free to use colour and add extras. Posters can add splashes of personality. There
are some great motivational artworks available and even calming ocean or nature scenes can work well.

Merendi Leverett, accredited exercise physiologist and founder of Merendi Health & Wellness