Slimming shapewear could be reducing more than your physical appearance, warns the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

Slimming shapewear could be costing your health, with the Australian Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) warning of muscle weakening and reductions in spinal and joint functions.

CAA president Dr Joseph Ierano warns prolonged use of shapewear could be detrimental to women’s health.

“Wearing Spanx and other such garments can encourage muscles to stop doing their job. Muscles should be encouraged to work, not to remain ‘lazy’,” says Dr Ierano.

“Muscles should be built up through good habits of mobility and exercise rather than an external item of clothing.”

For the body to move normally and have good spinal and joint function, we need free movement and a lack of restrictions, claims Ierano.

“Abnormally forcing the body into conformity may create more problems, such as those associated with retracted mobility and masking undiagnosed conditions causing underlying problems.”

He says the major problem with the shapewear products is that our body is good at compensating for problems, and while women might not feel anything wrong at first, their muscles may be weakening as a result.

Brisbane fashion stylist Elisha Casagrande says during her personal styling sessions, a lot of people have heard of the slimming garments but have not necessarily tried or become familiar with them.

Of her clients, she says the popularity seems to be among the younger women aged from 25 to 40-years-old.

“They want to look their best and are more willing to take the options of using slimming products on board,” she says.

Casagrande says she uses slimming garments to help women feel more confident in outfits, but suggests clients try and use these products during special occasions only.

With the growing popularity of these products among women, the CAA wants to identify the possible issues before they become a larger problem in Australia.

“Women should not be wearing shapewear as a compromise to avoiding exercise and hard work,” says Ierano.

The CAA advises if you wear shapewear, it should be worn under the following guidelines:

  • Ensure you are wearing the right size and it’s not inhabitation areas that need to move. No clothing should ever be excessively tight.
  • Try to only wear shapewear on special occasions.
  • Do not exercise or over exert yourself for long period of while wearing shapewear as it can restrict circulation.
  • Do not substitute these slimming garments for a sound weight loss or muscle toning program.

Do you wear Spanx or slimming shapewear on special occassions or regularly? Will this have you reconsidering?