Queenslanders have been signing on in droves to participate in the Spartan Sprint ultimate obstacle course race

Already exceeding last year’s participation, Brisbane’s 7km Spartan Sprint has seen more than 5500 Spartan hopefuls sign up for the event in March.

Spartan Race CEO Max Delacy says Brisbane events are fast becoming their favourite, as it has the largest uptake of all the Spartan events held in Australia.

“Brisbane-ites just seem to have an amazing uptake of obstacle course racing.

“People just love it! They love to go out and get muddy and share this heightened experience with others,” Delacy says.

The Spartan Sprint Race involves battling through seven gruelling kilometres and 15 demanding obstacles, including crawling under barbed wire, jumping through flames and confronting burly gladiators.

Delacy says obstacle racing is an antidote to our sanitary lives, with things never being safer or easier.

“We are animals- that’s the truth of it… hitting the gym is great but it doesn’t give us what we are looking for,” he says.

“A big part of Spartan Races are that they test you on every level, the message is that you can’t afford to have a weakness you’re not working on,” he says.

Brisbane will be the first to experience two new obstacles that have never before been included in an Australian obstacle course race, on top of an evil twist added to the monkey bars obstacle, and a new bouncy castle.

“There is a higher level of the fear factor, but that’s what obstacle racing brings, without the tag of being a sport it really getting from A to B using everything you can,” he says.

In the hopes of getting more Spartans to join the race, Brisbane will also be the first event to trial the inaugural Rookie Pass, which allows first time Spartan Race challengers the option to avoid the ‘30 burpees’ penalty for each obstacle they don’t complete on the first attempt.

Delacy says the Rookie Pass is an option for those inexperienced competitors the incentive they need to give it a go, but strongly believes “if it doesn’t test you, it won’t change you.”

Despite the course being challenging, Delacy says with the help and ingenuity of their race director, they try to add a fun factor to all their obstacles during the Spartan Sprint.

The Spartan kids’ races are also popular in Brisbane, with the 1km ‘Kids Junior’ (ages 3 to 8) and 2km ‘Spartan Big Kids’ (ages 9 to 14) events hosting more than 1000 participants last year.

Delacy shared his top three qualities that make a successful Spartan:

1. Self-belief
2. A basic level of fitness
3. Courage and commitment

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Have you tried obstacle course racing? Will you be giving the Spartan Sprint a go?