The gift of health is one to cherish, so this Valentine’s Day have you considered a healthy gift alternative for your significant other?

Valentine’s Day is upon us again, with couples going out of their way to show their partner how much they mean to each other. If you’re trying to break away from the traditional gifts of candy or chocolate, maybe a gift of good health in good faith is just what the heart needs most.

Nicola Moore from Wesley LifeShape Clinic says it’s important to give healthy gifts to our loved ones for Valentine’s Day because too often the day is linked with eating rich foods high in energy, fat and sugar and consuming alcohol.

“To assist with maintaining a healthy weight long term, it’s a good idea to try and disassociate food with celebrations… Quality time with your significant other can be one of the best gifts of all,”she says.

Moore adds just because a gift is healthy, doesn’t mean it has to look that way.

“A romantic mix tape with your partner’s favourite songs is a fantastic gift to give in the hope they might use it at the gym or on their morning walk. If your partner has been actively trying to create healthy habits they will probably appreciate not being tempted with chocolate or candy,” she says.

Moore says those most likely to go to the effort of a healthy gift this Valentine’s Day will be those who made a New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy.

She suggests using this Valentine’s Day to help stick to your healthy goals, rather than derail you.

Here are a few of her gift suggestions to have those hearts beating:

Fitness dates:

Forget about sitting in a dark room stuffing your face with popcorn- that’s not romantic! Why not get physical… with a fitness date of course. Some ideas include:

  • Ice skating or rollerblading
  • Kayaking on the Brisbane River
  • Rock climbing at Kangaroo Point
  • Completing the Story Bridge climb
  • Couples dance classes
  • Tandem bike riding

Riverlife at Kangaroo Point offers numerous outdoor activities for couples to try, including a Valentine’s Day Paddle and Dine on their available kayaks.

Victor Lueng from Riverlife says the activities on offer have had a lot of interest for the Valentine’s Day weekend ahead, with kayaking the most popular activity followed by their segway tours.

“The best activities for couples would definitely be rock-climbing… you really build trust between each other,” he says.

Riverlife’s specific Valentine’s Day Paddle and Dine event sells out every year, with limited spots available for this year’s event.

Workout mix tape:

Music is a great motivator when you’re working out. Why not make a playlist of motivational or uplifting songs for your partner to use at the gym or on that run or ride? It’s easy to pick some songs and you can even slip in some romantic favourites or an audio message- here are a few of bmag’s suggestions.

Green thumb:

Roses are red, violets are blue, if your partner loves gardening then this gift may be for you. If your partner is a bit of a green thumb why not experiment with some new seeds for a healthy veggie patch or perhaps some new gardening tools or planting some beautiful flowers to bloom all year long- perhaps even roses.

Healthy picnic:

There are plenty of beautiful locations to have a picnic in Brisbane and they can be very romantic and personal for a Valentine’s Day date. Try packing a healthy lunch or dinner and maybe a bottle of wine and some candles if you’re having a late picnic outing.

Fruit bouquets:

Bouquets are traditionally quite popular around Valentine’s Day, but have you considered an edible bouquet for your partner?

Many companies are now selling creatively shaped fruit arranged in a “bouquet” using fresh, seasonal fruits.

Yummy Flowers Brisbane is one online gift store specializing in edible bouquet arrangements of the Chocolate and fruit varieties.

Yummy Flowers owner Jess Jones says approximately 25 per cent of their sales are from fruit bouquets this Valentine’s Day. “We are definitely getting more inquiries for the fruit bouquets, but with fresh fruit there are limited time frames and delivery options available,” she says.

Jones says where Yummy Flowers can deliver fruit bouquets they are booming, but due to the restrictions on where the company can currently deliver fresh fruit to, some people are opting for the chocolate varieties instead.

She says of the fruit bouquets, the strawberry and chocolate varieties are the clear favourite this Valentine’s Day.

Get the heart rate up:

This holiday revolves around the heart, so play off the theme and buy a personalised heart rate monitor or pace setters to help keep those hearts healthy.

With recent figures revealing Brisbane City Council residents have Queensland’s greatest overall health and well-being, maybe a gift for the healthy at heart will go down a treat?