The new wave of fitness is here in the form of electrodes.

Some fitness trends can be a little shocking, but this one literally had me buzzing.

Having launched in Australia last year, the XBody Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training equipment uses low frequency currents to train 90 per cent of the body’s muscles.

The training at XBody Australia’s Newstead studio requires a special suit that when damp and connected to a cable supplying a current, stimulates and contracts muscles for a workout.

The suit is literally all you need. The workout is entirely dependent on your body’s movement and the intensity of the current. At first I was a little concerned and hesitant as to whether it would hurt – it’s not everyday you agree to be mildly shocked.

The contractions were strange at first but mostly felt like being tickled or having pins and needles, with more intense pulses causing muscles to tense tightly.

The 20 minute workout sessions may seem short, but you get the most out of every minute, burning up to 500 calories every session with the one-on-one training provided. The basic movements were easy to follow and left me out of breath and a little sore the next day.

A cardio pose involved a squat with arms stretched to the ceiling, mimicking running. It had my heart racing within seconds.
It is suggested that up to two 20 minute workout sessions weekly will give comparable results to several hours of conventional gym workouts and the opportunity to gain muscle five times faster than conventional weight training.

Matthew (pictured), a 31-year-old bus driver, has within three weeks with 2 x 20 minute training sessions, achieved 6.1 per cent body fat loss, 6 per cent visceral fat loss and muscle mass increase of 6.4 kilograms.

Priced at around $99 for a three session promotional pack or $49 per single session, it is not for everyone, but definitely a workout worth a try.