Most people want to look good when they workout, but comfort and the fit is just as important. Choose the right workout outfit by matching this balance.

Consider the following things when choosing an outfit for your workout:


Shorts are generally not appropriate for sports such as yoga and pilates. These activities require stretching and positions where long pants would be better suited.

However, if you are running or cycling, long pants have the potential to trip you over or get stuck in the pedals. Choose clothing specific to your workout.


Synthetic fibres will allow your body to breath while exercising. Look for pieces with a portion of spandex, polyester or lycra.

The pieces should have a high cotton content for light sport, because it is soft and comfortable. However, in intense cardio activities, cotton can stick to your body from sweat.


Choose pieces suitable to your personal body image and style. You may opt for loose-fitting clothing, or clothing that covers the majority of your body, or fitted pieces that show your muscles while you exercise. It’s all dependent on personal taste, but it’s necessary to consider when buying workout clothes.

Winter workouts

In the winter months – don’t stop working out! Instead, add layers if you are exercising outside. Light jackets and track pants are great, and you can take them off as your body temperature heats up.


Feel good when you workout by picking clothes that you find attractive. It can make a difference to your confidence by working out in style.


If you are a woman, picking a comfortable, supporting and flexible sports bra is essential.


Choose footwear that is protective, supports your feet and ankles, and boosts your performance. A great pair of shoes will make a huge difference to your workout. For contact sports, quality, protective footwear is vital.

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