The Australian Podiatry Association suggests avoiding thongs and nail clinics this summer as they can do more harm than good when we are talking about foot care

Summer heat and feet are not always happy partners but the Australian Podiatry Association has some tips to keep your feet as happy as the rest of you!

Australian Podiatry Association podiatrist Leigh Birchley says exposure to the heat or sun while wearing thongs, sandals, open toed shoes or walking barefooted can create dry and cracked feet.

“Thongs can be particularly bad for feet, not only because they provide no support and can lead to sprains, breaks and twisted feet and ankles, they also expose your feet to the elements. If you suffer from dry feet you could get painful cracks this summer.

“It’s a usual scene to see women in the summer walking into the city in their thongs with high heels in hand. This is done in a bid to take the strain off their feet but in fact they are doing more harm than good. Ultimately walking to work in a good fitting trainer is the way to go so ditch those thongs for walkers,” she said

Birchley says keeping feet clean and moisturised this summer will help to avoid fungal infections picked up from nail clinics, walking barefooted or by using communal showers.

“Use a good foot balm daily to keep cracked feet at bay but if you can’t reach your feet you need to take special care to ensure you see a podiatrist, especially if your condition becomes exacerbated and painful. You don’t want infection to set in,” she says.