How to avoid TV snacking after dinner.

Ever sat down to watch television after dinner and find yourself walking to the kitchen in the ad break to satisfy your snacking urge?

The culprit may be the increase of cooking shows on TV, but I’m sure everyone can relate to feeling peckish every ad break and not really knowing why.

For those moments, consider these tips and tricks for avoiding TV snacking:

1. Healthy Eating

If you eat well throughout the day, including healthy snacks between meals, this should help avoid a monstrous rage of the fridge for something of the chocolate variety.

2. Keep your hands busy

While you’re watching TV your mind is occupied, but your hands aren’t. If you keep your hands busy by writing, drawing or even knitting, you’ll be less likely to fill your hands and your face with snacks!

3. Remove temptations

If there are no unhealthy snacks, then you’re less likely to want to snack. Having healthy food throughout the day will make you less likely to crave the temptations too.

4. Drink water or tea

If you find yourself standing in the Kitchen, grab a water bottle or make a warm herbal tea instead of chocolate biscuits or chips. The water will fill your stomach and make you less likely to want to snack again.

5. Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth after dinner or an hour or so before bed will give you a clean-mouth feeling, which should work as a deterrent to snacking after dinner.


Do you find yourself mindlessly snacking when the TV is on? What are some more tips we could consider?