Workstations with innovation are combating the negative effects caused by sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting for long periods of time in traditional workstations can create reductions in blood flow and blood sugars, leading to the chance of obesity, diabetes and heart disease according to a study conducted by global manufacturer Ergotron.

The Sit-Stand Revolution, originally the brainchild of global manufacturer Ergotron, has swept through the corporate world with promises of increased staff health, productivity and overall happiness.

The study found 87 per cent of users appeared more energised, 75 per cent felt healthier and 66 per cent felt more productive in their work environments when using the Sit-Stand workstations

As the idea catches on more furniture brands are entering the market with affordable and flexible options to encourage staff to stand up throughout the day.

CEO of Sit Back & Relax Nigel Hobbs explains businesses are seeing the long term benefits of offering staff the option to stand, and are increasingly considering staff health as a direct factor in productivity and overall happiness at work.

“Originally, height adjustable desking was predominantly used as a means to help staff with injuries or health conditions return to work sooner. With so many studies surrounding the effects of sitting disease, we are seeing more and more businesses fitting out entire offices with Sit-Stand systems,” he says.

Mr Hobbs says companies are coming back from more, in some cases rolling out to cover the entire office. He says the company is seeing huge increases every quarter in height adjustable desks compared to traditional workstations.

Mr Hobbs is sure that sit-stand is not just a fad, but the future of workstations.