Natural therapies, or naturopathy, helps prevent, assess and treat conditions of the human body. We discuss the natural methods, and how to work out which one’s right for you.

Natural therapies are always best to discuss with your local naturopath. They will look at your physical, emotional and mental states, and prepare methods best suited to your body.

Read on for some of the methods used in natural therapies.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine makes most of naturally occurring chemicals from plants that are often used to create pharmaceutical drugs. By focussing on prevention, as much as healing, major transformations can be achieved for your health.

Herbal medicine is used for treatment of the following conditions:

–       Cold and flu

–       Menstrual problems

–       Muscle tension

–       Skin rashes

–       Stomach & digestive problems

–       Headaches & migraines

–       Bronchitis

–       Anxiety & tension

–       Allergies

A one-hour consultation with a local herbalist or naturopath will help towards determining which medicines are suited to your needs.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine where treatment is given involving highly diluted substances, to trigger the body’s natural healing process.

It’s existed since the 1700’s and operates on these beliefs:

Like cures like – any substances that produces illness symptoms in a healthy person, can similarly be used to cure the same symptoms in a sick person.

Dilution for potency – homeopathic remedies use highly-diluted substances for the greatest effect.

Illness is specific to an individual – remedies are formed to match the patient’s symptoms and illness as closely as possible.


The idea of needles can be too much for some, so acupuncture is a very personal choice. An acupuncture consultation will focus on pulse, and an inspection of the tongue. This helps the therapist to map out areas of improvement for the body.

Fine needles are inserted into the body at specific points to relieve pain and restore health.

Acupuncture is used for treatment of the following conditions:

–       Allergies

–       Arthritis

–       Back and shoulder pain

–       Fatigue

–       Weight control

–       Headache & migraines

–       Drug addiction & smoking

–       Sprains, strains and sporting injuries

–       High blood pressure

–       Immune system deficiency

The severity and nature of the health problem will determine how many treatments are required, so consult your local acupuncture specialist if interested.

Naturopaths also focus on vitamins and minerals, flower essences, nail and hair analysis, massage, diet and lifestyle.

The practice is safe with a qualified naturopath, and suitable for all ages.

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