Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel thinks the “real secret” to looking confident on the beach is to “just fake it”.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel may have an enviably toned figure and gorgeous looks, but she insists body confidence is all about mind over matter and recently gave some advice on how to feel self-assured in a swimsuit. 

“It’s important to work out because you always feel better when you do,” she says. “Get a good cover-up – Victoria’s Secret has beautiful cover-ups that are good to have if you’re feeling a little self-conscious.

“But even if you don’t feel that confident, the real secret is just fake it!”

Swanepoel starts her summer fitness preparation early in order to look her best in skimpy beachwear. The 25-year-old says she gets bored doing the same exercises, so she tries out different routines.

“I love to try new classes – I recently tried a jump rope class at Aerospace,” she said. “I like boxing and ballet. I also tried Pilates on the machine, which I really like.”

The South African model also revealed her summer beauty mantra is less is more: “Wear a little bronzer, and have something to tie your hair back with.” That’s it!

And as for her summer wardrobe staples? It’s all about feeling comfortable and relaxed.

“For New York City, I like to have some good sneakers since walking in sandals gets a bit nasty,” she says. “I also really like comfortable shorts, T-shirts, and jeans. When I pack for the beach, I always have different scarves and sarongs that I can double-up by wrapping around my waist or my head.

“I pack pretty simply, but I take a lot of accessories that are fun to play with, like different sunglasses.”

What’s your beach body routine? 100 sets of ab crunches or a carrot-only diet? Let us know!