Doing life all by yourself can be hard work, and having a loving partner makes life a lot easier for you both – but only if you’re both helping! Here are some simple things you and your partner can do to help each other out.

In the busy festive season, the feelings of others can often be overlooked or forgotten, so being thoughtful for your partner and family is more important than ever.

Psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith provides these tips for getting along better with your spouse – hopefully the craziness of the season can pass with you stronger and happier than ever.

1. Make the bed together

It’s a lot easier to make a bed with someone else than it is to do on your own. It takes about one-third of the time, and is also a great opportunity for flirting.

2. Make your partner feel safe

We all need to feel protected emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes the pressures of life can create anxiety, and it’s wonderful to have a partner who can help you calm down and make you feel that things aren’t so bad.

3. Help each other appreciate your successes

Much of the time we ignore the little victories that happen every day. Instead, we focus on all the things that went wrong. Support one another in seeing the good things in your day (and each other) and talk about them.

4. Offer assistance when needed

If your partner needs to mail a letter or make a bank deposit and seems a little stressed about it, offer to do whatever the task is. It’s such a little thing, but it can make a big difference.

5. Learn to listen to each other

Most of the time, just talking about what’s going on can make us feel a lot better. Sit down with the one you love and lend him or her your ear. Allow your mate to vent about whatever is bugging him or her, and watch as the cloud lifts.

6. Give in on the little things

It will make your partner feel loved and make it easier for the big things to go the way you want. You can think of it as giving your loved one the gift of your time.

7. Do your partner’s chores

The next time you’re driving your partner’s car, fill it with petrol and maybe get it washed. If the dirty-washing basket is full of clothes but doing the laundry usually isn’t your job, do it anyway and make your mate smile.

8. Make suggestions, not demands

When you tell others to do things your way, usually they will have a hard time taking it in. By making suggestions, you are leaving what to do up to your partner while giving him or her another idea to work with.

9. Trust your partner to do the right thing

When we don’t trust our mates, it makes everything more difficult. You need to have unconditional faith that your partner will always act appropriately. If you need counselling to make this happen, get it.

10. Be a nursemaid when needed

When your partner isn’t feeling well, take care of him or her. A little chicken soup and a kind word can really make one feel better.

What do you do to let your partner know you love them? Let us know!