A new craze for health, wellbeing and fitness is sweeping the globe. The Californian practice, AcroYoga, has made its way to Australian shores.

At first glance, AcroYoga looks like something strictly for circus performers. But the practice is far more than monkeying-around.

AcroYoga blends the control and balance of yoga, the power of acrobatics and the healing of Thai Yoga Massage, to create a practice that benefits the whole body.

In 2003, Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer cofounded the practice, and has since been included in the fitness regimes of 100,000’s of people worldwide.

AcroYoga sessions are done in pairs, but don’t be afraid of the positions! There are three roles available to take on:

  1. The Base – Generally this person is lying on the ground, with the back torso in full contact. This helps the Base gain maximum stability and support for the flyer. The base uses their feet and hands to elevate the Flyer.
  2. The Flyer – While elevated off the ground by the base, the flyer moves into dynamic positions. Balance, confidence and core strength are important for the Flyer.
  3. The Spotter – Usually the instructor if done in a class. Their entire focus is on the partners, to ensure the Flyer lands safely. They also make recommendations to the pair to improve their form.

The Base and Flyer work together to complete the poses. Life long friendships have been formed from AcroYoga.

Weekly AcroYoga classes are taking place throughout Brisbane, and cost $15-$20 per session. Private classes are also available.

All ages and experience levels are invited to attend. Instructor Tanya Zappala says her eldest student is 92 years old, and no partners are required to start learning. 

If you’re a yoga-loyalist, have dreamt of being an acrobat, or simply want a different exercise for the New Year – and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do through AcroYoga.

For more information, contact:

Tanya Zappala – 0410 601 773

Nirvana Pilkington – 040 440 2216