Learn how dedicated chef and author Dominique Rizzo is helping Queenslanders live happier, healthier lives.

Healthier and happier, sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I know I would love to able to spend more time exercising but sometimes, especially this time of year, festive fitness is not at the top of your list.

Then there is all the food you are likely to eat over the next few weeks and the extra kilos you are likely to gain.

A shocking 65 per cent of Queenslanders are overweight and obese and we consume truckloads of fast and processed food. Luckily there are chefs like Dominique Rizzo who are sharing their expertise on fresh cooking so Queenslanders can get fit and healthy again. Dominique is a chef, author, presenter who cares about ensuring Queenslanders strive for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Dominique has partnered with the Healthier. Happier. Campaign to encourage Queenslanders to take a step back and look at what they are actually consuming. Dominique wants people to take advantage of fresh produce in their diets.

“I love the essence of clean, simple whole food cooking,” Dominique said.

Dominique has 20 years’ experience and knows the importance of fresh produce in the Christmas season.

“Throughout the festive season, fresh local produce makes for delicious salads, smoothies, juices, fruit platters and so much more. Making smart food choices plays a significant role in our general well-being,” she said.

If you go to the Happier. Healthier website you will find a nifty Health & Fitness Age calculator. Use the calculator to assess your nutrition and physical activity habits and compare your health and fitness age to your chronological one. The Healthier. Happier. Campaign website also provides a wide range of healthy recipes and fitness tips. Dominique is determined to share her knowledge and passion for food to improve Queenlanders’ everyday lives.

“My absolute mission in life is to share my passion of food and cooking, to inspire people in the kitchen and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices that bring enjoyment and vitality into everyday living,” Dominique said.

Check out Dominique’s recipe for a tasty Breakfast treat.

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