Need to boost your workout? Want some motivation to get off the couch and start running? These fitness apps can help you reach your fitness goals and some of them are super creative.

If you have been attempting to get i shape for the festive season you know motivation can be hard to find. These apps aim to keep you motivated, while at the same time helping you keep track of your progress and they are all really cost effective so no expensive gym memberships are needed.

1. 6 week training 

This app is for those of us who leave fitness for special occasions. This app will sort you into the appropriate workout level and then give you a program to follow for a 6 week period. It logs your progress so you can keep track of how you are going. There is also exhaustion tests staggered through the program in order  to determine what you program will be for the following week. Added bonus, this app is completely free.

2. Pocket Yoga 

This nifty app provides users with 27 yoga session you can perform anywhere so there is no excuse for not making it to the gym,. You can choose your level of difficulty and roll out your yoga mat and lotus pose away. this on starts at $2.99 and is avalable on iPhone, android and blackberry.

3. Couch to 5k 

The name says it all, your only personal pocket coach to get you off the coach and running five kilometres in nine weeks. A personal trainer that only costs $3.99, sign me up! Plus once you have reached your five kilometre goal move on to the 10 kilometre challenge.

4. Zombies run

This one is a great running app with one scary point of difference, it makes you think you are being chased by zombies so you run hard, faster and longer.  Scary right? it is a running porgram combined with an online game, I think even I will try this one out. As you run you automatically collect supplies to keep yourself alive and avoid being eaten by zombies. Walking Dead fans try this on out!  Available on android and iPhone.

5. SoFIt 

Don’t like excersing alone but have no one to join you on a run? Well so fit is the answer to your problems join a community of fitness lovers and share your progress and try to beat each others times and personal bests. Track you personal improvement and share it with your friends through SoFIt. The best part of this app is the challenge section, set yourself a challenge or join a challenge group and if you reach your goal you can raise awareness for a selected charity and even generate donations. Plus this one is also available for free.

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Share with us your favorite fitness apps.