Can you spare 45 minutes a day to exercise? Then you could have a body like Miss Fitness Australia, Alicia Gowans.

The muffin I had for lunch sits heavy as I speak to the motivated and incredibly fit Alicia Gowans, winner of the INBA national title of Miss Fitness Australia.  Alicia clearly adheres to the 45 minute a day rule of exercise that she expouses

“I don’t think it had actually sunk in that I’d won that title until I was standing at Natural Olympia,” Gowans says. “I’m in my first year of training and I’ve just had a baby! It’s the last thing you expect to be standing on that stage…it was completely surreal.”

Barely a year after the birth of her daughter, Gowans headed over to California on the Australian Natural Olympia team, placing fourth in the Sports Model and Bikini Diva categories.

“It was unbelievable. There were so many things that were different to competing locally,” says Gowans.

“It’s a bit of a scientific approach to the preparation before a competition, diet, exercise and hydration and everything, so trying to do that on a 24-hour flight with no access to cooking materials was really difficult… and then on the day of the competition my makeup artist didn’t show up! You just roll with the punches and stay positive.”

Gowans found competing was a great motivator not just for her own fitness journey but also for others, with several friends now training for their first competitions early next year.

“I loved that I could show my clients and women around me that it can be achieved, and if you set yourself that goal you can go and grab it,” she says.

“You don’t have to spend as much time as you think with your exercise program to get these results,” says Gowans, adding that her daughter is with her all day at work and during training.

“I only spend about 45 minutes to an hour working out each day.

“You just need to have time management and a bit of a plan.”