Festive fitness is not an easy thing to accomplish. Christmas time means parties, events and family gatherings as well as mass amounts of food and drinks. What is the best way to achieve festive fitness?

Festive fitness is a challenge that many will dismiss. But how many times have you stepped on the scales after Christmas and been shocked at the kilos you have gained over the summer months? Here in Australia we can’t hide behind heavy jumpers, jeans and coats during the Christmas season.  We have to be ready to traipse around in summer dresses, shorts and bikinis all the way through Christmas parties, lunches and drinks. Here are a few tips to help out with clean living and ensure your festive fitness regime doesn’t get derailed.

1. Stick to your routine

So you are on holidays and you can sleep in and eat whatever you want right? WRONG! Just because you don’t have to show up to the office at 8 am sharp doesn’t mean you should stop going to the gym and binge eat. If you always have cereal and fruit before work then sushi at lunch, don’t swap out these healthy options for bacon and eggs and a cheeseburger.  Remember you will most likely be splurging at special occasions so keep day to day eating as healthy and close to your usual routine as possible.

2. Stay active

You don’t have to go to the gym every day in order to stay active, tailor your workout routine to your surroundings. Wesley LifeShape Clinic Manager and Dietitian Nicole Moore suggests walking and games as a fun alternative.

“If you’re at the beach try some beach games such as volleyball or cricket, or give surf lessons a go. If you’re staying in the city take a stroll through a large museum and wear a FitBit or pedometer to track your steps.”

The same goes for you shopaholics track your steps between the racks with a pedometer or if you are stuck at home  take the kids for a bike ride . If you in an exotic location why not enjoy the view and try your hand at yoga on the beach?

3. Pre-eat

Before going to a party or Christmas drinks have a small healthy snack like a light salad or vegetable soup so you aren’t hungry when the fatty fried finger food comes around. Also don’t reach for the mixed nuts, often they contain high levels of oil and fat, they generally aren’t the healthy raw kind.

4. Liquid calories

Most of us will be enjoying some ( or several) alcoholic beverages over the summer months. This is one area where festive fitness can become a challenge. Basically just enjoy everything in moderation and if you are going to drink make sure you stagger some large glasses of water throughout your session and go for the light beer or vodka lime and soda rather than cocktails or juice.

5. Don’t starve

If you starve yourself you are more likely to binge or over eat next meal. So don’t stop eating just balance out what you do eat with light activity or instead of having ten  macadamia Christmas biscuits only have two.

I think I’ll be going for the active option because I love Christmas food. What will you be doing this festive season to stay fit?