Beat the bloat this silly season and cut the C.R.A.P.!

Afraid you’ll have to loosen that belt buckle or wear a loose fitting dress for Christmas lunch this year? A bloating stomach is never ideal, it can make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and a little self-conscious… but here are some ideas to help you beat the bloat this year:


Carbohydrates are needed for the body, as they provide a source of fuel and energy to perform daily activities and exercise. But not all carbs are kind to our bodies, with many ‘simple’ carbs causing us to bloat. The carbs to avoid eating excessively are pasta, bagels, cereal, rice, potatoes and white bread. Food high in carbohydrates tend to make your body retain more water and give you the unwanted gift of a dreaded bloated stomach.

R-efined foods

These are mostly high in sugar and have had nutrient content removed as a result of the refinement process. For example, white flour, white rice and white sugar are all refined foods. Removing refined foods and processed foods can be done successfully through healthy living and clean eating techniques.


It’s something that many Australians can’t part from over the summer holiday period, but would you reconsider for a flatter stomach? Alcohol slows or at times stops the body’s fat burning processes and if you’re consuming a drink that’s high in carbs or high in sugar it can be adding and storing fat as it can’t attempt to break it down.

P-rocessed foods

Everyone knows the rush of preparing a family meal, especially over Christmas and even though we know the importance of fresh produce, sometimes we go for the easier options. Processed foods are anything that cannot be made generally at home, for example packaged, canned or frozen goods, quick and easy take-away options and foods claiming to preserve nutrients and freshness or have health and nutrition claims, i.e. high in calcium.


 Share your ideas for a bloat free Christmas break with us or maybe you will you be wearing some loose clothes just in case… After all Christmas only comes around once a year!