Dust off your childhood trampolining skills because adults are jumping into a new fitness trend.

If running mindlessly on a treadmill doesn’t make you jump for joy than taking part in a Pure Bounce class might be just the thing to liven up your gym routine.  Pure Bounce is a high intensity cardio class where participants perform a series of exercises and dance routines while bouncing on mini-trampolines.

While it may sound like a tricky form of exercise Pure Health Clubs Pure Bounce instructor Lauren Young said you don’t need a degree from Clown College to take up the addictive and entertaining sport.

“I’ve been an instructor now for over a year and became one because I took the class for years and I loved it,” the 29-year-old says. “In my classes I have both men and women of all ages, some even in their 60s, coming along. There is a great atmosphere in the classes, all the routines are set to popular music and sometimes we have theme classes with music from the 80s or the 90s. We’re having a boy band music themed class soon.”

Young said the Pure Bounce routines involved moves that people are familiar with, such as star jumps, and the mini-trampolines absorb around 87 per cent of the shock making it a safe way to exercise.

“One of the biggest drawcards of the class is that it’s low impact but still high intensity,” she says. “You get a great work out and work areas like your abdomen, thighs and arms but you’re also protecting the rest of your body.

“It can take a few classes to pick the routines up but we have people of all fitness levels in the classes, you don’t need any special skills to take part.”

Pure Health Clubs Sales Manager Max Wheatley said the classes have attracted a loyal legion of fans who are bouncing their way to a healthier body.

“The Pure Bounce method was developed and trademarked by Pure Health Clubs, so it’s unique to Brisbane because of that,” he said. “The classes have been running for over six years but recently we’ve really noticed an increase in the class numbers. It’s becoming really popular.

“It’s possible to burn 600 calories during the 45-minute class and because it combines cardio with dance it’s becoming one of the most popular classes on our timetable.”

For class timetables and more information on Pure Bounce classes, visit www.purehealthclubs.com.au