Before performing any sort of exercise a warm up is absolutely crucial, but especially when playing a dynamic team sport.

With so many different warm up methods out there, it can be confusing knowing what advice to take, so bmag went straight to the top and spoke with Brisbane Heat Strength and Conditioning Coach Damian Mednis about what the team does before a match.

1. The most important part of a warm up is the mental preparation. “I’ve always maintained the bigger the game, the simpler the plan,” says Mednis. “I always think the guys have enough on their plate going into a game situation.”

First, players run through their own individual stretches and movement patterns to get focused. “The individual gets his mind ready, we then bring them in as a team and we’ll do some basic movement patterns.”

2. Dynamic stretches are in, static stretches are out. “Dynamic stretching is very important, not long slow stretching,” says Mednis. “Long slow stretches actually relax the muscle and the message goes back to the brain saying ‘Let’s relax’.”

This includes hamstring leg-swings, constantly moving crucifix swings, hamstring curls on the deck and calf push-ups. “They’re basically moving all through their stretching routine during warm up, there’s not static stretching as such,” says Mednis.

3. “After we’ve done basic movements we then increase the speed,” says Mednis. This gets the muscles firing and the heart pumping.

4. Throwing is next, to help the players focus on the task at hand. Run through a few movements to refresh yourself and settle into the motions of the game.

5. “Then they’ll start doing their bowling movements, their fielding movements and going into the nets to have a bat, just getting their timing right for the day that’s coming up,” says Mednis, adding that the whole warm up usually only takes about half an hour. “We don’t want to make it long-winded – it’s then just enough for the players to get back in the dressing rooms for about fifteen minutes to do their final preparations and get on the field.”

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“It’s not rocket science, but the bigger the game the simpler the plan,” Mednis says.

What’s part of your warm up routine? Any special tricks or habits help you get your head in the game? Let us know!