Five healthy tips from the My Kitchen Rules contestants Scott and Luke.

With ‘paleo’ a buzz word right now, My Kitchen Rules favourites Scott Gooding and Luke Hines gave us a few tips on Clean Living from their newly released book of the same name.

The Clean Living book is a three-week healthy lifestyle plan, with fully illustrated exercise plans and mouth-water Paleolithic recipes.

Here are some tips from the boys:

1. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be time consuming- the Clean Living book provides recipes that avoid lengthy processes, with minimal ingredients that you’re likely to already know.

2. Exercising as well as clean eating will see better results- 80% of results can come from a fantastic diet, but exercise will definitely get you further and quicker.

3. Working up a sweat in short periods can be better than long gym sessions- try to move every day, aiming for 20 minutes or less of hard work outs that will work up a sweat.

4. Be mindful of packaged and processed foods- the paleolithic style of eating is all about eating what our ancestors ate two million years ago.

5. Start a process of elimination- tune into what your body is telling you makes you feel sluggish or tired and replace those foods with fresh produce. Eliminating sugar is also suggested.


Luke Hines & Scott Gooding’s Clean Living book is out now.