There has been a renewed call for Triple Zero to have access to mobile location tracking to help callers in need, as more people use mobiles in emergencies.

The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority in Victoria has highlighted the issue that more than half of its Triple Zero (000) calls are now from mobiles; a statistic likely to reflect national averages.

Unlike calls from landlines that provide exact addresses, operators have to verify caller location’s, adding time to the call which then delays response and potential dispatch time.

Location technology has been used for several years in Europe and the US however Australian carriers have yet to implement the system.

The National Heart Foundation of Australia is supporting the renewed call to demand telecommunications providers enable the location tracking of mobile phones, believing the measure will save lives.

The Heart Foundation’s National CEO, Dr Lyn Roberts, believes the move is a logical step to save lives, especially for patients suffering heart attacks, where every minute counts.

“Each year 55,000 Australians have a heart attack and sadly, more than half of people who die didn’t make it to a hospital. People who are treated within an hour of their first heart attack symptom have the greatest chance of surviving and continuing to enjoy a good quality of life,” she says.

Dr Robert says The National Heart Foundation believe the federal government should legislate the speedy introduction of adequate location services to cut ambulance response times and save lives.

She added mobile phone location tracking would also help people who may struggle to speak English or who have difficulty communicating.