A new intensive yoga and meditation training course is integrating the best of western bio-medicine and eastern philosophy and practice, with a medicinal approach.

Zama Yoga Toowong and Brookfield Yoga Retreat combined their expertise and skills in complementary health to provide its newest intensive yoga and meditation training course.

Nicole Loxley and Celia Roberts will take training into new frontiers with the course ideal for anyone who really enjoys yoga, mindfulness, and developing a greater sense of overall well-being.

The program considers busy mothers, with times suiting mothers wanting to expand their love of yoga, or possibility pursuing a part-time teaching job.

Principal teacher, Celia Roberts, started her own training many years ago when her daughter was 10 months old, knowing that teaching mother and child yoga would be a perfect fit whilst her child was young.

Eight years on, Celia is now teaching full time with her daughter at school, and managing to keep great personal work hours of her choice.

“A common misconception when people undergo training is that they have to actually teach when they finish the course, but half of the students undertake the training simply because they love yoga and they know it brings great health benefits and reduces stress in their lives,” Celia says.

Yoga is a positive psychology and yoga therapy has proven science of mind-body medicine that is directly related to how the mind influences the body.

Relaxation exercises in yoga also play a vital role in establishing psycho physical health in reversing stress.

Celia says you don’t have to be perfect or even good at every pose in yoga, as its more about developing a peaceful state of mind.

“It is certainly not gymnastics, or a fitness fad. It is philosophical mindful study that helps us to grow, mature, and be a kinder more generous, patient person,” she says.

Celia Roberts has been involved in complementary health education for over 14 years, using an integrated approach combining Yoga, Biomedical Science, Nutrition & Dietetics and Psychosomatics.

You can still sign up for Celia’s yoga teacher training intensive course and the meditation training course by visiting www.zamayoga.com.au