Bootcamp – It’s a win win situation – battle through burpees and perfect your push-ups for a good cause.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the McGrath Foundation is hoping the concentrated fundraising efforts will help make significant progress in reaching its 2018 goal of providing every Australian family experiencing breast cancer access to a breast care nurse.

However, the month is nearly over and with 2013 flying along at an unbelievable pace, it’s understandable if you haven’t yet had a chance to contribute.

Fortunately, personal trainer Sarah Lawrence of FitCulture has you covered with an innovative initiative planned for this weekend – a special “Burpees and Bells for Breast Cancer” edition of her weekly bootcamp at Bulimba Memorial Park on Saturday, 2 November at 6.30 am, with all proceeds raised donated directly to the McGrath Foundation.

She will be catering to all fitness levels, starting off the session with an inspirational speaker who’s won her fight with breast cancer to give you a little extra motivation for the tough hour of training (also known as torture) ahead.

In her personal life and through her ever-growing client base, Ms Lawrence has had significant contact with women who have been affected by breast cancer and knows the positive effects the McGrath Foundation’s support nurses have on breast cancer sufferers’ quality of life.

“These nurses truly make a difference and need ongoing support,” she says.

“I plan on developing Burpees and Bells for Breast Cancer as an annual event so we can always keep supporting the care nurses and opening people’s minds to taking care of their wellbeing throughout treatment.”

After helping with a similar event last year when a fellow trainer was diagnosed with breast cancer attended by almost 100 people, Ms Lawrence is hoping the word will spread once again – and her inspirational message of positivity along with it.

“My idea behind my company FitCulture is optimal health and well being – it’s not just looking a certain way – and so I believe the more people I can send my message to the healthier physically and mentally our communities will be,” she explains.

“I want people to feel empowered and strong, even in times when they feel they have no strength.

“I want people start believing in themselves and to see their potential and appreciate the bodies and health and if I can change only one person’s life at a time then I am still succeeding.”

Perhaps your life or your body hasn’t yet been ripped apart by the devastating effects of breast cancer, but as Australian women currently have a one in eight chance of developing the disease, chances are one day it will.

Finally, if giving to a wonderful cause won’t out of bed early on a Saturday morning for bootcamp, consider this: not only will participating ease your guilt for the impending weekend of debauchery, you’ll be making inroads on that perfect beach body while you’re at it and with such an early start, finish just in time for poached eggs at the local café.

Saturday morning sorted. No excuses.

Bootcamp is $20 per person with all proceeds going to the McGrath Foundation. For more information, contact Sarah at or visit her Facebook page.