Forget vampires, the Red Cross wants your blood this Halloween.

Blood Service Spokesperson Belinda Smetioukh says Halloween might be a spooky time, but nothing is scarier than the thought of people dying of serious illnesses or emergency situations without blood donors.

Donor Centres across Brisbane and the South East need more blood and plasma donors over the next month to ensure cancer patients, road trauma victims, and unborn babies receive lifesaving blood transfusions.

Every blood donation could save three lives, and donors will be treated with Halloween snacks, including chocolate.

“Demand for blood and plasma is set to double in the next decade and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is calling on local residents to roll up their sleeves and become donors this Halloween,” she said.

“Only one in 30 people currently donate, meaning we rely on just three percent of Australians to supply the nation’s 1.35 million donations of blood.”

Australia needs 27,000 donations each week, to help treat patients with cancer, burns or autoimmune disorders, or to help save women who bleed during childbirth, their unborn babies during pregnancy, and people undergoing renal dialysis.

To become a donor, roll up your sleeves and call 13 14 95 or visit