Flying soon for work or pleasure? Lowered oxygen and cabin pressure magnify the effects of sitting for long periods of time. Follow these tips for energised travellers.

Most travellers are aware of the physical effects of flying, including jet lag, limited mobility and loss of circulation, while the effects of lowered oxygen and cabin pressure are less known.

Sitting for extended periods of time with limited movement can cause circulation difficulties for travellers, lowered blood sugar and strain blood flow to the heart and lower back, which can cause swelling.

When flying, the lack of oxygen from cabin pressure can magnify these effects and cause blood restrictions and muscle tension for travellers.

Mens compression clothing company Equmen has created tips for air travellers, including their products that improve posture, promote circulation, compress the body to create a healthy blood flow and aid muscle recovery.

Prior to travel:

Be well rested, so you’re not sleeping in one position for extended periods.

Exercise before the flight.

Dress sensibly. Avoid tight clothing, shoes or accessories that could cut blood flow.

During flight:

Leave your seat every hour if possible to get up and move around.

Keep hydrated and limit alcohol or caffeine intake.

Elevate your legs where possible.

Take aspirin or natural alternatives, such as garlic, turmeric or willow bark.

Post flight:

Exercise to get blood circulating again.

Take a shower, alternating hot and cold water for blood circulation.

Eat antioxidant foods and drink antioxidant teas