On the back of Get Ready Queensland Week information booklets are being circulated this weekend in the Redland City area to ensure residents are ready for bushfire and storm season.

The information booklets to be distributed on 26 October to homeowners in high-risk areas and will also be available at mainland Redland and Moreton Bay island shopping precincts.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams, who is Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, urges Redlanders to get a copy of the guides and follow the recommendations.

“This is a first not only for the Redlands but for Queensland. This is the Redlands leading the way in helping residents prepare for such events.

“In partnership with Council, the Australian Red Cross’s emergency REDiPlan and state Department of Community Safety’s Bushfire Survival Plan will be distributed by Red Cross and with the help of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” he says.

Cr Williams said the community could be confident that Council and emergency services were taking all the necessary precautionary steps to deal with potential disasters such as severe storms and bushfires, but residents still need to be well prepared on their own.

“It is not simply about ticking boxes but providing tangible help backed by a pro-active Council disaster management team which, in conjunction with emergency services, has developed specialised plans for all communities within the Redlands,” Cr Williams says.

Red Cross Queensland Emergency Services Manager Carolyn Parsons says emergency plans not only enabled people to look after themselves during a disaster but also helped them get back on their feet quicker.

“Basic things such as understanding the hazards that might affect you, having an emergency plan which identifies irreplaceable and precious items, knowing who lives nearby and getting your insurance up to date can make all the difference and minimise the disruption caused by emergencies,” she says.

Parsons says to include items of personal values in an emergency plan as people who lose precious items tend to take longer to recover from disasters, with it adding to the traumatic experience.

More more information visit Redland City Council’s Disaster Hub website or go to the Get Ready Queensland website www.disaster.qld.gov.au