A beauty industry insider is helping women learn the shocking truth about toxic skin creams in a free E-book, after suffering years of chemical poisoning.

Janine Hall has dedicated over 10 years of research and is the owner and formulator behind More Than Skin Deep, which is an organic skin care system that contains no toxic ingredients and only uses wholefood technology.

According to Janine Hall, official government statements have shown nearly all leading cosmetics brands contain carcinogenic and hormone disruptive ingredients, with the possibility of women applying as many as 500 toxic chemicals every day, with nearly 30 per cent of cosmetic consumers having some form of an allergic reaction.

After struggling to find a solution to what seemed a simple problem, Janine is on a mission to assist women who may also be feeling the horrible reactions to toxic skincare ingredients.

Janine has created a free E-book ‘The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide’ to educate women on the secrets of the cosmetic industry and to help women gain a better understanding and make more informed choices when choosing skin creams.

Janine says when asking her clients what products they wanted to use on their skin, the most popular answer was ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, however when asked what ingredients they looked for a lot of customers said they couldn’t understand what all the ingredients meant on the back of the product.

The free E-book is designed to help women know the truth behind the products they use, educating them on what the terminology really means as well as un-earthing some of the myths around marketing statements that leads to confusion. The book also advices women on how to read and understand labels even if they’re not scientists and can’t pronounce the words.