Getting a tattoo is an increasing trend and a youthful symbol of self-expression. But what happens when you come to regret your tribal art or Chinese writing?

Darren Berry owner of Refresh Cosmetic and Laser Clinic says, “There has been a huge explosion in people wanting to get a tattoo so removal of the old tattoos is popular, either to make space for a new one or to remove one that you regret.”

And it’s not just young people getting rid their old artwork either. “We have people of all ages, from early 20s to people who have had them for years. We even had a 70 year old man with an old navy tattoo,” Darren says.

The process is a lot simpler then you would think.

“The machine targets pigment in ink without harming the skin, it shatters the pigment and then the immune system takes away the ink making it lighter after each treatment.”

Having some of the best machines at their disposal makes it possible to remove all colours and there is no down time so customers can head straight back to work after a treatment.

The laws for tattoo removal vary throughout Australia but in Queensland only a beauty therapist with a laser licence, a registered nurse or a doctor can remove tattoos so there are not as many clinics available.

Most tattoos need around eight to twelve treatments, costing about $50 per square centimetre per treatment. Numbing cream is applied 15 to 20 minutes before the session to make it almost painless.

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