OPI really know how to nail a holiday collection.

The glamour. The style. The Audrey. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is quite simply timeless and now you can wear it on your fingernails.

That’s right, OPI, the company behind so many creative collections of colour have really nailed it (yep, I went there) when it comes to this year’s theme. Celebrating 55 years of the movie that celebrates elegance itself, the lineup of polishes features colours that channel that gorgeous Audrey vibe.

There are 11 stunning shades to sample in this lineup and all of them have delightfully charming names, reminiscent of the footloose and fancy-free character Holly Golightly.

I was lucky enough to give the whole collection a whirl and there were more than a few favourites.

I Believe In Manicures is the signature colour of the collection. It’s a classic robin’s egg blue, close to the Tiffany shade but probably not as close as it could be for trademark reasons I assume. It’s named for a quote of Holly’s and glides on smoothly. It only needed two coats for excellent coverage.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s was another favourite of mine, because it’s just so darn classy and different. It’s a cream, with slight sparkles, but it dries matte with a pearlised finish, which was unexpected. It’s a very on-point finish that I can imagine wearing while devouring a delicately buttery pastry and window shopping for diamonds. As you do.

Rich and Brazillian is exactly what it sounds like, a deep, velvety purple with a hint of shimmer and sparkle and something a little bit mysterious. I wore this out on the town matched with a similarly deep lipstick and got many compliments. (And one or two people telling me I had lipstick on my teeth, but that’s not the point.)

And my other favourites were just as decadent and delightful: Five and Ten is a gorgeous pearl shimmer, Got the Mean Reds a firey, bold ruby red statement, and Black Dress Not Optional a slinky black that glides on effortlessly for a super silky finish.

Image: Black Dress Not Optional

Image: Black Dress Not Optional

And if you’re a fan of sparkle (and as someone easily distracted by shiny things, I am a HUGE fan of spark… sorry, was looking at my polish) you’re gonna LOVE these next two.

Champagne for Breakfast is always a good idea (tell your boss I said so) and this one features a silver holographic glitter with all the colours of the rainbow reflecting in it. For YEARS polish fans have been crying out for OPI to re-release the shade Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection… well, now they have… almost. It’s the closest dupe I’ve seen and is a shimmery, glittery holographic pink guaranteed to cheer up the darkest day… as long as you like pink. If not, then it’s not gonna do much for you. But I LOVED it. And I loved not having to pay someone $50 a bottle on eBay to buy up all the Teenage Dream that sellers have been hoarding.

Other colours include Meet My “Decorator”, an orangey-red dream; Fire Escape Rendezvous, a pinkish red with bits of glitter too large for my liking but still pretty ruby-slipper like; Apartment for Two, a hot, hot, hot berry pink; and Can’t Read Without My Lipstick, a deep dark burgundy, much like the bottom of my wine bottle.

There are also a few other adorably named shades in the Infinite Shine collection, such as Girls Love Pearls and Can’t Tame a Wild Thing.

Santa, please, if you’re listening, buy these for all my fellow polish and/or Audrey lovers out there.

The collection is available now from Myer and David Jones stores, from $19.95 each.

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