The beauty craze that swept Sydney is finally here, so I popped into the Lip Lab in the Wintergarden to try it out. Because LIPSTICK.

So I don’t want to brag or anything, but there’s totally a lipstick shade named after me. No, not one that just happens to share my name, but one that honest to goodness was named in my honour and inspired by my personality.

True, I named it myself, but it’s now in an official database and everything so IT COUNTS, OK?

How did such a wondrous occurrence happen? I just popped down to The Lip Lab’s pop-up shop in the Wintergarden, whipped up a lippy in my new signature colour, whacked a name on it and went on my merry way. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and I’m now a beauty boss.

The Lip Lab is a unique concept store that’s every makeup maven’s dream; a place where you can create a custom blend of lipstick that meets your hearts desires and name it whatever the heck you like.

Colour, flavour, texture, you name it; this magical place allows you to live out your wildest dreams of creating your own lipstick line inspired by your life as an awesome beauty reviewer and coming up with whimsical names for each of the colours that are quirky but oh-so cute and then one day getting discovered by a major label who just HAS to collaborate with you and… just me then? Fine.

The Lip Lab has a huge cult following in Sydney and has finally managed to wing its way to Brisbane with a temporary store in the Wintergarden, with a more permanent shopfront in the CBD to come later in the year. So naturally being obsessed with all things beauty I had to try it out.

The Lip Lab

Choosing my signature shade ended up taking longer than the creation process. Was I a bold red? Or a girly pink? Or what about a luminous coral? After Googling swatch after swatch, I ended up selecting something akin to a natural nude, yet still rosy and bold dusky pink. And if you think it was hard for me to describe the colour to you, it was even harder to describe it to the lipstick mixer lady.

Hot tip: take a swatch, or a sample or have a picture of the colour you want at hand. Trust me, it will make things SO much easier. Even better, bring in a sample of a lipstick you might want to replicate. This is especially handy if your fave colour just got discontinued and you’re still crying into your bathroom sink about it each time you swipe that ever-dwindling magical colour on.

We started off by mixing colours together: some hot magenta, some yellow, a bit of brown and even blue. Watching my lipstick magic maker mix together all the colours was actually kinda mesmerising. Once we got close to the colour I wanted, we tried a bit on. Still too purpley for me, so back to the drawing board we went, adding in a bit of white, and a bit more brown to make it more natural. Each time we added a colour, the assistant would make a marking on a chart, adding to my own special formula recipe so it could be replicated at a later date.

The Lip Lab

When I was happy with the colour we added the matte mix to the… er mix. The assistant began scooping and mixing with two spatula-like objects: picture Cold Rock but with lipstick instead of ice-cream. Then we melted it down in a microwave, before pouring it carefully into a little lippie mould and letting it set.

About five minutes later, I had my very own signature colour and had to give it a name. I knew instantly what I would call it.

“Dizzy Miss Lizzie,” I said to the Lip Lab lady. Because like me, it’s pink and girly, except natural but still quite bold, if a little frivolous and clumsy. OK maybe that last part is more me than the lipstick, but it still suits, don’t you think?

The Lip Lab is open in the Wintergarden until September 24. Lipsticks cost $55 or are free with a $200 spend in the centre.