You’re looking fabulous — but everybody makes mistakes. Here are 11 beauty faux pas you probably don’t even realise you’re making.

1. Applying Concealer before foundation

I’ve known so many people who have concealed their spots before putting on their base foundation and I wanted to yell “Stop! You’re doing it wrong!”

What do you think happens to the concealer when you swipe on your foundation? It gets swiped right away with it. Also, you don’t know what your foundation might already hide until you’ve applied it.

Put on your base, then conceal whatever is left.

2. Forgetting your neck

Did you know your neck is as susceptible to wrinkles and pigmentation as your face?

That thin skin needs just as much care as your delicate visage. So why do so many people forget it when it comes to applying serums and moisturisers?

Don’t forget, the one body part that betrays your age more than any other is your neck, so start taking care of it now.

3. Not cleaning your sponge/brushes

You’re fastidious about cleaning your face every day, but you’ll happily wipe weeks’ worth of dirt and yuck back on it by using dirty brushes. Gross.

Apart from causing major breakouts and putting you at risk of infection from germs, dirty brushes and sponges don’t actually work properly. Colours are tainted and won’t blend as well.

Sponges should be washed after every use to avoid mould, and brushes about once a week, and left to dry in the sun to zap nasties.

Even better, grab a brush sanitising spray to spray on them after each use between cleans.

4. Not washing your pillowcase often enough

Again, you scrub your face twice a day but are happy to lie on a bed of filth and rub up against germs all night?

Do you know how often you’re supposed to wash your pillowcase? Get ready to feel ashamed…

Once every three to seven days.

If you leave it any longer than that, you might as well go rub your face on the bathroom floor. OK, maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s BAD. Just wash all the things, OK?

5. Matching foundation to the back of your hand

Just no. Your hand is not the same colour as your face. Your FACE is the same colour as your face, so use it!

If you’re unsure, brave the department store sans makeup (come on, I know you can do it!) and the experts at the beauty counter can match properly for you. That way you can see what you’ll actually look like, rather than gambling on mismatched skin swatches.

6. Curling your lashes with mascara on

Mascara on? Check. Curled lashes? Well, unless you did this before you coated your eyelashes, then forget it.

Curling post-mascara causes lashes to stick together with clumpy mascara formula, leaving your peepers looking like they’re framed with angular clusters resembling spiders legs.

7. Using the wrong primer for your foundation formula

Wait, there’s a wrong type of primer? You betcha.

This is one mistake even I was making until a few months ago. Different types of formulas clash, and can cause your foundation and primer to pill up and flake off. For WEEKS I thought my new foundation was terrible because it was pilling off my face, when it was really just reacting badly with my primer.

Check the ingredients: If you use a water-based foundation, you need a water-based primer. If you use silicone-based foundation, you need silicone-based primer.

8. Colouring in your whole eyebrow

Yes, I know, big, thick eyebrows are having a moment right now, but that doesn’t mean you need to colour the whole thing in one big block.

Your eyebrows are naturally more sparse up the front, so colouring the front in as dark as the tails instantly screams fake (not to mention makes you look permanently cranky).

Think of your brow like an ombre colour gradient… colour in the front lightly, gradually getting darker towards the end of your brows, where the hair would naturally grow the thickest.

9. Plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror

When you’re looking too closely, you see each individual little hair, rather than the big picture, and that can lead to uneven brows.

Next thing you know you’ve tried to get the other one to match, and you end up with tiny brow slivers wondering where you went wrong. Use a big mirror and stand back so you can see your whole face.

10. Not blending foundation on your neck

Foundation doesn’t stop at your face… or if it does, you seriously need to get on that.

Just because you can’t see the “tide lines” of your foundation, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t. Say it with me: “blend, blend, blend”.

Make the effort to ensure you blend the foundation down your neck so that there are no lines and you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

11. Wearing waterproof mascara every day

“Why on earth not?” I hear you ask. “That stuff is budge-proof and spill-proof and cry-proof!”

Yes, but it’s also waterproof, meaning NO moisture — even the natural oils your lashes need — can get in.

It’s great for special events, but wearing the tough stuff every day can lead to your lashes becoming dry and brittle, and even falling out.

Which beauty mistakes do you see people making too often? Share your wisdom in the comments below!