A partnership between internationally acclaimed video game publisher 2K Games and Living Dead Clothing has seen the launch of a specialised nylon range inspired by the blockbuster BioShock game series.

The newly released partnership is the first of its kind for 2K Games, and BioShock’s dazzling games have provided the perfect inspiration for Living Dead Clothing’s designers.

The result is nothing short of amazing, with artwork capturing the eerie and often horrifying atmosphere the BioShock series is renowned for.

While the Australian made label is no stranger to high-profile partnerships, Living Dead Clothing’s founder and CEO Wade Lange says this collaboration has been the most highly anticipated by his creative team and worldwide customer base alike.

“Our entire team are huge fans, and as BioShock is often referred to as a masterpiece, it was very important for all of us that the designs did the story justice and really brought the game to life for its legion of fans,” he said.

“All of the pieces encompass the art deco style evident throughout gameplay, while also having that 60s steampunk feel the game evokes,” he said.

The collection includes everything from t-shirt, skater dress, skirt and swimwear designs, all inspired by the game.

Some of the designs feature characters such as Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Big Sisters, Splicers and even some quirky styles dedicated to Rapture, vita chambers, the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball, ADAM and “Would You Kindly?” that are sure to be fan favourites.

With Living Dead Clothing already a household name within the US cosplay community, this latest partnership has been hotly anticipated amongst revellers on the geek convention circuit.

And a first look at the detailed cosplay gear suggests fans will be blown away! So it’s guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!

Despite the cosplay hype, Lange says the collection includes something for every fan, with his designers dedicated to providing edgy, yet versatile, streetwear staples as well.

“While paying homage to BioShock’s characters and epic themes through the artwork, we also put huge emphasis on the comfort and wearability of the pieces to ensure they’re amazing to wear not only while gaming, but anywhere your day might take you,” he said.

You can check out the full range of the Living Dead Clothing’s first BioShock release online at www.livingdeadclothing.com.au